Why You Should Call Chimney Cleaning Services Today

3 June 2021
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Few feelings can match sitting in front of a fire in the evening. But a chimney can become hazardous when it gets dirty. It presents a fire risk and lowers the quality of indoor air. You need regular chimney cleaning to avoid these risks. It is a better idea to engage chimney cleaning services for the job instead of DIY cleaning. If you have not had your chimney cleaned for some time, call these services immediately for the following reasons.

Prevent Chimney Fire 

If you look up your chimney, you will most likely see a black sticky residue sticking to the inside walls of the chimney. It is called creosote and is flammable. Bird nests in your chimney also present a fire risk because of the dry grass and twigs that fall down the chimney. Sparks rising from the fire can ignite the creosote and dry twigs. Fortunately, chimney cleaning eliminates these flammable materials.

Improve Heating Efficiency 

Fire burns best when there is optimal air circulation. As such, any dirt inside the chimney prevents good air circulation from happening. You will notice there is more smoke because the fuel does not burn completely. The grime around the flue impedes the flow of smoke upwards. As such, more smoke redirects towards the room. This means you will have more soot in the air, which can easily stain furniture and any upholstery. This dirt is very difficult to remove once it settles into fabrics.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A dirty chimney can lower the air quality inside the room because of more smoke and soot in the air. You will feel your eyes sting when you enter the room and smell smoke in the air. Sometimes the smoke is visible when there is too much of it.

Low indoor air quality can bring on different respiratory problems. For instance, it is riskier for very young children and elderly people. People in the house could also develop respiratory allergies. Those with asthma may see aggravated attacks when they spend time in a smoky room. 

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

A dirty chimney could also contribute to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is odorless and heavier than air. It presents a big and immediate risk to people in the house when it doesn't flow upwards and out of the chimney. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, breathlessness, chest and stomach pains. Breathing in high levels of carbon monoxide leads to fainting and death. Fortunately, getting your chimney cleaned prevents these hazards.

Are you concerned about the risks of a dirty chimney? Contact chimney cleaning services to learn more.