Things You Want Out of a Seawall Design Engineer

4 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If there is a structure or building that could potentially get damaged because of soil erosion due to waves, then having a seawall constructed might be the best thing you can do. These structures require certain elements and specs, which you can figure out by working with a seawall design engineer. Just make sure they're capable of offering these things.

Preliminary Designs

The first stage of putting together a seawall around a property is coming up with some initial designs. If you let a seawall design engineer come up with these preliminary designs, you're going to get your structure on a successful path that's built with the right materials and done the right way.

You won't have to troubleshoot designs that you come up with that probably aren't backed by tangible figures of the surrounding conditions. The preliminary designs will be detailed too so that you know about every major aspect of this build. 

Staying on Budget

Budget is not something you want to go over when having a seawall developed around properties near a body of water. They do cost a good amount and going over budget is going to send you into a pretty stressful tailspin. You need a seawall design engineer that takes your specific budget seriously. 

They should design the seawall around the budget that you selected before any materials are ordered and the seawall is put together by qualified contractors. If your budget somehow just isn't feasible, regardless of what the engineer does, you will want them to bring this to your attention quickly so you can decide what should be done.

Sound Contractor Recommendations

Once you have a set budget and the plans for the seawall have been ironed out, the next phase is hiring contractors to put this seawall together. This is not something to overlook because contractor quality does matter. Instead of trying to find these professionals yourself, let an experienced seawall design engineer take bids for the project. They can set up proper job descriptions detailing the skills that these contractors need to bring to the table. The design engineer may already have contractors in mind too so that the bidding process doesn't take long at all.

Seawalls are able to protect properties that are near bodies of water that receive constant movement. If you hire a seawall design engineer that brings impactful things to the design formula, you'll get a perfect seawall made in a reasonable timeframe.