Ways A Dirt Work Contractor Can Transform Your Landscape

7 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Usually when you want to change or update your yard, you call a landscaping company. And landscaping companies can do lovely work in this regard! However, if you really want to transform your yard, you may need some more extensive work done by a dirt contractor. Here are some key ways in which a dirt contractor can transform your outdoor space.

Digging a Pond

Digging a pond is a surefire way to change the entire look and function of your yard. A dirt moving company can generally dig a pond pretty quickly since they have the heavy equipment to do it. You'll then need to decide what you want done with the dirt that has been removed. Some dirt contractors will actually give you a discount on the work if you let them keep the dirt; they can use it for other projects. However, if your yard has low spots, or if you want to also build a hill in another place, you may want to just keep the dirt for yourself.

Most dirt contractors can also grade the pond, add gravel to the bottom, and otherwise finish the pond, but check with the company beforehand to ensure they do these things.

Hill Grading

Have you always dreamed of living in the hills, even though you currently live on flat land? Adding hills to your surrounding landscape is not easy. It has to be done very carefully to avoid altering the drainage pattern in a way that would compromise your home's foundation or cause any issues with the surrounding land. However, most dirt contractors are prepared to do this work. They can bring in dirt or move dirt around to create a hill or two on your property. They may recommend that you collaborate with a structural engineer as a part of the process. Together, you, the dirt contractor, and the engineer can decide on the best placement for the hills and how large to make them.

Drainage Restructuring

Is a lot of your property too wet for you to even use? Your average landscaping company could dig a ditch or install some drainage tile, but if you think you might need more involved work than this, then you should call a dirt moving company. They can re-route any ditches or add them to your land, bring in dirt to fill low spots, change the quality or compactness of your dirt for better drainage, and so much more. In the end, you'll be left with a yard you can actually use, whether you plan on using it for grilling, ball games, or a dog play space.

For big yard transformations, you're often better off hiring a dedicate dirt moving contractor. It's amazing how different a space can look and function after just moving some dirt!