Importance Of Sports Field Lighting

11 June 2021
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In many school institutions, sporting events can run late, especially in the final days of tournament preparations. In some institutions with no field lighting installed, nightfall marks the end of sporting events. However, these events could run a little into the night with proper lighting systems. Does your school have adequate field lighting installed? Here's the importance of having sports field lighting installed.

1. Late Evening Training and Tournament

Most schools hold sports training late in the evenings after classwork. The sports training might be for leisure or preparation for a tournament. Teams could be doing their final days of training and need to extend into the evening hours. In such a scenario, nightfall should not limit the training hours.

The field lighting system should efficiently extend the training session without interruptions by nightfall. Similarly, if some events have to be completed on the same day, lighting smoothly facilitates the completion of the events.

2. Safety and Security

School events witness thousands of spectators showing up to cheer on their teams. The crowd could experience difficulties moving around when it's dark. A well-lit field makes it easier for movement without hitting objects and people. Subsequently, the lit venue would discourage theft, burglary, and vandalism.

People tend to feel safe when they can see their surroundings. Thus, school lighting installation should be done not only in the academic learning blocks but also in the sports fields where co-curricular activities are held.

In addition, other security measures and record-keeping installations such as CCTV cameras, scoreboards, and camcorders rely on proper lighting systems in the sports facility.

3. For Clarity

When sporting events take place at night, light in the field makes viewing more precise. In fact, it is better than normal daylight. In most cases, lighting systems are installed facing the court directly. This gives spectators an accurate view while seated in the opposite direction of light.

Some lighting patterns are used to mark the court edges. This makes it more visible to the players than during the daytime. Athletes are able to see the track clearly as well as their opponents to avoid crashing into each other. Also, the balls are clearly visible in artificial light.

Sports field lighting installations are essential to both the players and spectators. School field lighting installations should be done by experts who understand the light effects in the field. It is never too late to enjoy a match in a secure and beautifully lit venue.