Why Is Design-Build the Way to Go for New Builds?

17 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


For many years, if you wanted to have a new building built, you would have to work with a separate design company and another building company. Today, however, people are beginning to take a different approach. Many construction companies are now what's known as design-build shops. They employ both architectural designers and builders, so they handle your whole project from start to finish. Why is this option becoming so popular? Well, as it turns out, the design-build structure offers many benefits for the customer. Keep reading to learn about a few of these benefits. 

You get a more realistic quote up-front.

When you work with a designer and a builder separately, it can be tough to get accurate quotes. You might be charged a flat rate for the design fee, but the question still remains of whether the design can actually be built for the price the designer assumes. When you work with a design-build team, the designer knows how the company's builders charge for things, so the quote you get up-front will be a lot more reliable. You won't find yourself halfway through the building process and over-budget already.

Your project will move along faster.

Under the more traditional system, once the designer finishes with your designs, you would then have to find a builder with availability for the project. Sometimes, this meant you'd be waiting months or even years between having your project designed and having the structure built. When you hire a design-build company, the designers are in sync with the builders. They should be able to tell you when they'll be ready to build your project before it's even designed. This means your project will generally move along faster, or you'll at least be more aware of the timeline from the get-go.

You know the builder can build what the designer specifies.

Some designers create lovely images of buildings on paper, but when you actually get the design to a builder they tell you the design is not feasible in real life. This is much less of an issue with design-build companies. The designer has worked with the builder and can check in with them along the way to ensure what they're designing is actually able to be built.

Design-build companies are taking the building industry and simplifying things for customers. Hiring a commercial design and build contractor for your structure should come with fewer headaches.