Vinyl Siding Basics: Why It's a Great Option for Home Siding Installation

6 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Spring and summer are often popular times to replace siding on your home because the weather is most ideal for this type of work. If you're preparing for a siding replacement on your home, you might be debating what type of siding you want to use. Some homeowners shy away from vinyl siding because they don't fully understand all the benefits involved. In some cases, misconceptions about vinyl siding can discourage homeowners from using it. The truth is that vinyl siding is a great option for many reasons. Here's a look at some of the facts that you need to know about vinyl siding and what makes it a great choice for your home.

Vinyl Siding Is Strong

Some homeowners think of vinyl siding as weak, flimsy plastic. As a result, they dismiss it as an option out of concern that the siding will crack and suffer damage easily. While vinyl siding may have been thinner and less durable in its early days, modern vinyl siding is much thicker, stronger, and more durable than it has ever been. Technology advancements in manufacturing have made vinyl siding a great option for long-term exterior protection on your home.

Vinyl Siding Is Easy To Care For

One of the biggest single benefits of vinyl siding is the minimal maintenance that it requires. Many homeowners are looking for siding that isn't going to require sealing, repainting, or similar time-consuming care tasks over the life of the material.

Vinyl is the perfect solution in those cases. When you opt for vinyl siding, you won't have to worry about keeping your siding sealed against weather damage or protected against pest infestations. You'll just need to invest in a pressure washer periodically to rinse the siding and keep it clean. 

Vinyl Siding Comes In Many Colors And Styles

For those homeowners who remember the early days of vinyl siding, you might hesitate to choose it out of concern that you'll end up with something that looks plain and cheap. The truth is that modern vinyl siding has come just as far in appearance as it has in durability. 

You can find vinyl siding made to resemble a variety of different materials, as well as siding in many different colors. Vinyl siding can resemble wood grain, stone, brick, and many other options. No matter what kind of appearance you're trying to create in your home, there are sure to be vinyl siding options that can fit.

Talk with your siding installation contractor today about your vinyl siding options and to find the siding that's the best fit for your needs.