3 Reasons Clogged Drains Keep Coming Back

13 July 2021
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An occasional clogged drain is bad enough, but if you have a drain that keeps clogging shortly after you clear it, the situation is frustrating. Call a plumber to figure out why your drain keeps clogging so the problem can be fixed. Here are some possible causes of clogged drains.

The Vent Pipe Is Clogged

Your bathroom has a vent pipe that goes out the roof. If this pipe is clogged, your toilet drain will keep clogging until the vent pipe is cleaned out. If the pipe lost its cover, there could be leaves or a bird's nest inside that's blocking airflow. A plumber can pull the debris out or send a snake through the pipe to unclog it. They may also put a screen cap on top so debris can't get inside again.

Once the vent pipe is cleared, your toilet drain should empty freely again unless paper has built up due to the malfunctioning vent pipe. The plumber can clean the sewer drain if needed to clear out debris so the drain can empty as fast as it should.

Roots Are In The Sewer Line

Roots are a common reason for drain clogs. The roots get inside old pipes in small holes or gaps in joints. Once inside, they fill the pipe and cause blockages. You might snake the drain only to have a clog develop again when the roots grow back. Your plumber has a few solutions for this problem.

One is to clear the line with a hydro jet rather than a snake. The hydro jet gets rid of all traces of the roots, whereas a snake leaves some roots in the pipe, and this causes it to clog up quicker. Roots may still grow back after hydro jetting, but it should take longer, and if you use root treatments too, the roots may stay away for good.

Another option for dealing with roots that come back is to repair the drain so roots can't get inside again. This might be done by pulling a liner through the sewer pipe that blocks openings and creates a new pipe without seams for roots to grow through.

You're Sending The Wrong Things Down The Drain

Be sure everyone in your family knows how to use the drains in your house. Rinsing food or grease down the drains can lead to constant problems with kitchen drain clogging. Flushing baby wipes or paper towels can also cause clogs. Your plumber can clear the drain and get rid of a baby wipe clog, but the clog will build again if you or a family member keep flushing them.