The Log Home Materials Guide To Give Your Country Home A Makeover

21 July 2021
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Choosing the best log home materials for your remodel, addition, or repair project can be tricky. What's the difference between a material like whole logs, timber, and log home veneers? How do you know the best materials for the needs of your project? The following log home materials guide will help you understand the materials you need to give your old country home a makeover.

Different Types of Logs And Their Uses

The projects you are planning for your home might require different types of logs for the design. These can be logs of various dimensions for the structural needs of a design, or they can be half logs for repairs and design features. There might also be custom structural beams and architectural logs that you need to order for your log home renovation project.

Options for Timber Details and Log Home Veneers

There are also details that you might want to add to your home. These details can be to a log home or to add a log finish to your country home. The first option is to use real half logs to face your home with log details. Today, there are also modern log siding veneers that are kiln-dried and have a tongue-and-groove design. This allows the siding to be installed without chinking for a clean and attractive look.

Materials for Maintaining and Repairing Log Homes

Maintainance is something all log homes need. Log homes have rot and snags that can cause erosion issues and damage to the log structure itself. There might also be some repairs that need to be done to your log home as part of the renovations and makeover you are planning.

Other Lumber Products You Might Need

In addition to log and timber materials, you might need things like traditional lumber for repairs. You should have supplies like fillers, nails, and carpentry tools handy to make repairs to logs. You might also need standard lumber and trim materials for repairs and improvements to the openings in your log home. These are supplies that you can get from most log home materials suppliers.

It would help if you educated yourself on the various materials you could use to upgrade your log home. By understanding the different materials you have at your disposal, your log home will be easy and affordable to renovate. Contact a log home materials supplier when you are ready to begin your project.