Considerations For Adding A Sunken Seating Area To Your Deck

27 July 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you've ever visited a home with a sunken living room, you might have enjoyed the stylish look and cozy feel that this design offered. Sunken spaces can work well in indoor spaces, but they can also be an option to explore outdoors. If you'll soon be hiring a deck contractor to build a deck outside of your home, give some thought to whether a sunken seating area might be suitable as part of this structure. This feature can be a good fit with a large deck; with a smaller structure, the sunken space may simply feel too cramped. Here are some things that you'll want to consider if you wish to move forward with a sunken seating area in your deck.

Size And Shape

In addition to deciding on the size and shape of the deck as a whole, you'll also need to give some thought to the size and shape of the sunken seating area. You want this space to be sizable enough to easily accommodate a group of people. If your immediate family consists of four members, for example, it's a good idea to ensure that the space will feel comfortable with four people using it. There are different ways to approach choosing the shape. Some people favor a shape that mimics the shape of the deck — for example, if your deck is rectangular, a rectangular sunken seating space can make visual sense. Conversely, a different shape — a circular space set in a square deck — may be eye-catching.


It's also important to consider where in the deck you'll want the sunken seating space to appear. It's ideal if this space is in a low-traffic area. For example, you don't want it immediately outside of the patio door that provides access to your home, as you'd need to carefully step around the sunken area each time you use the door. It can also make sense to position this feature in an area that offers privacy. For example, if your deck design includes a privacy wall at one end, you might favor having the sunken area next to the wall.

Built-In Elements

Your deck's sunken seating space can include a selection of built-in elements if you wish. Some people favor having built-in benches along the edges of this space, as this prevents having to buy outdoor furniture to situate in this location. You may even wish to consider a built-in table in the center of the sunken space. A built-in picnic-style table can be a good visual fit in this space. To learn more, contact a deck installation service.