How To Spot A Problem With Your Septic Tank Drainfield

10 September 2021
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When you have to count on a septic system for the disposal of the water waste from your home, you will need to always be on the lookout for potential problems with the drain field. This way, should there be a need for septic tank drain field repair work, you will be able to spot it right away and get the issue resolved. If you don't, you could find yourself in a messy situation, as you would not be able to get the waste and wastewater out of your home anymore. Here are some of the things that you will want to keep an eye out for:

Standing Water In Your Yard

First, you need to make sure that you find out the location of the drain field for your septic system. This information may be in the paperwork you received at closing from the home inspector. The septic tank pumping company that has been taking care of your tank may also have this information for you. Once you know where the drain field is located, you will want to keep an eye out for standing water in that location. Should you start to see a lot of water in that location, it is safe to say that there is probably an issue with the drain field and it will need to be professionally addressed. That is toxic water, so until the problem is resolved, you will want to stay away from that area.

The Toilets And Drains In The House Are Backing Up

If you see wastewater backing up into your home, it is time to call for emergency septic tank drain field repair services. This is a toxic situation that you need to get out of immediately. If the wastewater backup was severe, you may also need to hire a company to clean that up and properly sanitize the rooms impacted by the waste. Until this problem is taken care of, you will want to refrain from continuing to flush toilets or send water down the sink drains.

You Smell Sewage Outside

You should not find yourself inhaling a bunch of toxic sewage smells, even though you have a septic tank on your property. If the drain field is operating as it should, you should not smell anything. Therefore, if you are starting to catch a whiff of sewage, you will want to call for immediate assistance. A backup of sewage could be what you will deal with next.

Always make sure that you are explaining what you are experiencing and get an appointment for an inspection right away.