How To Know If Your Home Needs Siding

28 February 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Siding is always a good feature to have on any home, and it will never be a negative addition, but in some places siding installation is much more of a necessity rather than a preferred addition. But how do you know if your hometown is one of the places that needs siding and one that simply would survive better with it? Here are a few different signs that should inform your decision and will help make sure that your home is protected not just for the first decade, but well into the future.

Heavy Precipitation

If you live in one of the areas of the country that gets a lot of precipitation, whether that be rain, snow or even hail, then siding installation is a genuine need. Siding is great at protecting homes from ongoing batterings that can come from rain. You may not realize that, without siding, your home's exterior walls will age a lot quicker and even the internal parts of your house can come under threat. Water is very corrosive and can find its way in the tiniest of gaps, and when it is inside it is hard to get rid of. If your average precipitation is higher than most people, then you need siding.

Freezing Cold Winters

Much of the north half of the country experiences quite a lot of snow during winter, and even some areas in the south will see freezing cold months that seem like they go on forever. There are some types of siding that are specifically manufactured to help with insulation in these colder months, and they can help decrease your heating bill and make sure that the cold does not penetrate deep into your home. Always make sure that if insulation is the main goal, you pick siding that is expressly manufactured with this in mind.

Seaside Views

The ocean, whether it is the Atlantic or Pacific, is beautiful to live near and provides many benefits for your home (especially by upping the value), but it also comes with some downsides. Salt in the air can be dangerously corrosive to your home's exterior, and cause it to degrade and warp in a few short years. Siding, acting as a barrier, can help nullify the effect of salt spray and allow your home to age as it normally would. That is why siding is so commonly seen on virtually all homes around the ocean and why you should get it installed too.