Installing New Siding on the Exterior of Your Home

26 May 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Preparing your home for the installation of siding can be an important project since there are many different ways that this type of exterior upgrade can benefit the home. While siding installation projects are typically handled by professional contractors, the homeowner will still need to take a few steps in order to effectively prepare their house for this work.

Remove Potted Plants or Other Decorations from Around the Home

There are many homeowners that will have potted plants, small statues, or other decorations along the perimeter of their homes. While these features can add to the aesthetic and charm of your property, they must be relocated before the siding installation project is started — in addition to these items being at risk of being damaged during the work, they could also be in the way of the siding contractors. This could greatly slow their progress. Taking a few moments to move these items so that they are away from the areas the contractors will be working in is a simple step that can help to ensure the contractors are able to begin their work with as little preparation time as necessary.

Consider Temporarily Moving Pictures and Mirrors from Exterior Walls

The process of installing siding on a home's exterior can send powerful shockwaves through the walls. This can lead to pictures, mirrors, or other wall decorations potentially falling and suffering damage. The exterior walls will experience the most of this force, but it can be possible for these vibrations to travel throughout the other interior walls of the home. Due to this, removing any wall decorations that are at risk of falling can be an important step that homeowners may often overlook. While this may require you to spend some time hanging these items back up at the conclusion of the project, it can be a minor hassle that will keep them safe.

Assess Whether There Are Bushes or Nearby Tree Branches That Should Be Trimmed

Bushes and tree branches that are growing near the home can also pose a problem to your new siding. Not surprisingly, many homeowners will consider having these plants trimmed before starting a siding installation project. This will provide you with the benefit of making the area near the home more accessible for the contractors, but it can also help to reduce the risks of the new siding suffering scratching as a result of these plants brushing against it when the wind blows.

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