Planning To Build A Home On A New Property? Hire A Land Surveyor First

21 July 2022
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If you are planning to purchase a property to build a home on, you should consider hiring a land surveyor before you do anything. Below are the different types of surveys they may use, as well as the benefits of doing this. 

Types of Land Surveys

One type of land survey that may be used is the American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey. This type of survey shows the most details of the land, such as the land features 

There is also a boundary land survey which is used to determine the property lines on the land. This will ensure you build on your land only and not on the property close to you. The land surveyor must do research to determine the property lines, which may involve finding the deed when the land was purchased. 

There is also the right of way (ROW) land survey. This determines the access points and the access rights you have on the property. This also helps you create access points where there are no electrical or utility lines. 

A location survey is also available, which shows if there have been any improvements or additions made to the land. This is needed to ensure you follow the zoning laws in your area. 

Benefits of a Land Survey

There are many benefits of hiring a land survey contractor. First, they can tell you if you should purchase the property. The survey will show the surveyor problems you can have on the property that you would not know on your own. For example, the size shown on the deed may not be the actual size of the property you are purchasing. The land may be in a flood zone, or there may be a large slope on the land. 

If you are purchasing a large property you may want to subdivide the land at some point. If so, a land surveyor can help you do this. This is often required of the property owner especially if you are going to resale all the property to a new owner. 

A land survey can save you a lot of time and money. For example, if you go over your boundary line your neighbor may make a claim if you build on their property. You may have to take a structure down and rebuild it, so it stays within your boundary lines. 

Talk with a land surveyor in your area and they can tell you of more benefits this offers you. 

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