Should You Have A Septic Tank Installed Even If Sewer Connection Is Available?

4 August 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


In rural areas, you often have no choice but to install a septic tank when you build a home. In suburbs and cities, on the other hand, it is often assumed that you will connect to the public sewer. But should you? Even if there is a public sewer in the area, connecting to it may not be the best choice. There are situations in which installing a private septic tank may actually be the better option. Here are some things to consider as you're deciding whether to install a septic tank or connect to a public sewer system.

What are the relative costs?

If your home is really close to the street, the cost of connecting to the public sewer line is generally lower since you'll only need a short run of pipe installed. But the cost of public sewer connection can climb quickly as a home gets further and further from the road. If the house is set far enough back, it may actually cost more to connect to the sewer than to have a septic tank installed. So, you may want to get quotes for both options and compare them.

Do you like to have more control over your own home systems?

Yes, septic systems require more care and maintenance than a line to the public sewer. You'll need to have the septic tank pumped every few years, for example. Some people want to be free of this maintenance, in which case, a sewer connection might be better. Other people don't mind the maintenance because it gives them more control over their home systems. You are not dependent on the town or city to take care of the system for you. If you're the type of person who prefers to handle things yourself, installing a septic tank may be the better approach.

What are your local regulations related to sewer and septic connections?

Before you make a decision, get in touch with the local sewer department and building inspector's office. Some locales do have regulations that require you to connect to the sewer if possible. Others require you to pay a certain permit fee if you opt for septic over sewer. It's important to know the specific regulations in your area so you can ensure you adhere to them when making your decision.

Sometimes installing a septic tank is the better choice, even if you could connect to a sewer line. To learn more, contact septic installation services in your area.