Using A Sewer Line Inspection Service For Your Home's Plumbing

18 August 2022
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Keeping the sewer line in good condition can be critical for avoiding backups or widespread contamination. Any issues with this component could lead to considerable problems for the rest of the plumbing system as the wastewater may be unable to drain away. Some common mistakes that people may make can significantly increase the chances of them encountering problems with their sewer line.

Mistake: Failing To Recognize The Benefits Of Regular Sewer Line Inspections

It is a common mistake for people to fail to recognize the benefits of having regular sewer line inspections done. These inspections are capable of identifying developing microfractures, obstructions, and other issues along the sewer line that will cause significant problems if it is not repaired. By arranging for your sewer lines to be inspected every few years, you can substantially increase the chances of finding these problems and repairing them before they are capable of causing widespread property damage.

Mistake: Assuming Sewer Line Inspections Are Invasive Or Damaging Projects

There is an assumption that a sewer line inspection is a project that will be extremely invasive or that will cause major property damage. The reality is that camera sewer line inspections are capable of identifying developing problems with this part of the plumbing without requiring excavation or causing major disruptions for those living in the house. A camera sewer line inspection is an extremely short process, and you will likely find that it can be completed in as little as a couple of hours. Ideally, the camera inspection of the sewer line should be completed after the line has been thoroughly cleaned by a pressure jetting service as this will allow the technician to more clearly see as they are navigating the camera through the pipes.

Mistake: Not Acting When The Sewer Line Inspection Reveals Potential Problems

In most cases, the sewer line inspection may not find problems. However, if the technician does identify a problem during the course of their inspection, it is critical to avoid delaying when it comes to having the issue repaired. Sewer line problems have the ability to rapidly worsen if they are not addressed. If this occurs, it may contribute to the soil becoming contaminated. Relining the sewer line can be one of the more common repairs that are needed as it will be capable of fully closing punctures or breaks in the interior of the sewer line. In most cases, the relining process can be done with no or minimal excavation work being required.

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