How To Plan An Agricultural Building Project

12 October 2022
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The idea of constructing farm buildings might seem a bit like any other kind of construction project. However, agricultural building solutions often call for a different approach. Before you devise your plans, it's a good idea to think about these differences and how they might affect the work.

Building Codes

While building codes for agricultural structures tend to be looser than they are for residential, commercial, and industrial ones, there are still some rules. Foremost, you'll have to determine if the buildings qualify as agricultural. This can affect whether you'll need a permit and which regulations might apply to the structure. It is a good idea to reach out to your local code compliance office to learn what the rules are for the specific types of farm buildings you're planning.

Insurance Requirements

Farm insurance is its own universe. Insurers often want to know that customers' farm buildings have access to firefighting resources like pond water and suitable roads before they'll even consider issuing a policy. Fortunately, you're going to be working with an agricultural building contractor so this is an excellent opportunity to solve those problems. You can find a location on the property that meets those requirements and position the planned structures accordingly. Even if the location isn't quite right as is, you can often engineer appropriate solutions.

Agricultural Needs

Livestock and grains have different needs, and it's important to use the construction process to address those as well as possible. Someone who is building barns for horses, for example, can create a comfortable environment for the animals will little extra planning. They can develop a flow for the horses to get into and out of the barn during the course of a day without creating too many disruptions. There should also be spaces for dealing with on-site veterinary needs. You will want to have room for storing food too.

Grain farmers should also think about agricultural building solutions. They should investigate current standards for storage and transportation by talking with their customers, industry experts, and other farmers. An agricultural building contractor can then customize storage units to maximize speed, efficiency, and safety.

Business Growth

You should also think about the possibility of business growth whenever you construct farm buildings. Planning for extra storage for supplies, machines, animals, grains, and people is important to having enough business overhead to sustain growth. Each building should have sufficient room and facilities to allow growth over several years.

Contact a local agricultural building contractor to learn more.