Wet Ready Mix Concrete And Dry Mixes

29 November 2022
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Wet ready mix concrete is used to construct bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, foundations, and sidewalks. It is produced at a batch plant and is carefully prepared to meet a contractor's or customer's specifications. Knowing how this product differs from a dry mix will help you determine the next concrete product needed for a pavement project that is being completed on your property.

Concrete Products

Dry concrete mixes are typically manufactured in a commercial factory. Dry mixes contain all of the same components that a wet mix contains, except for water. Water provides concrete with its viscous consistency. It binds small rocks, gravel, sand, and cement together. A dry mix is a product that can be used to prepare small batches of concrete. A property owner who is adding a small concrete slab to their property or who will be repairing a minor crack or hole in an existing concrete structure may opt to purchase a dry mix.

A wet mix is produced on a larger scale. The components essential for the mix are prepared within a batch plant. Products that are prepared will contain a definitive amount of each component needed to prepare a blended mix. Some concrete applications may be better suited for the use of concrete that has a rough texture than other ones. The aesthetics of concrete and its load capacity will be reflected upon the actual wet mix product that is prepared at a batch plant.

Contractor Services

A concrete contractor is typically hired to perform large-scale projects. They may rely upon the use of a wet mix that is delivered by a batch plant transport provider. A contractor can assess existing concrete surfaces, aesthetical details, and other features on a piece of property. This helps them determine which type of wet mix product to order from a supplier. A contractor may aim to match the same exact attributes of fresh concrete with the existing concrete that is located on a piece of property.

They will be aware of the volume of wet concrete that is needed to perform a job. An order for a wet mix product will not be made until right before the time for the concrete pouring to begin. This will ensure that the wet mix remains in its raw form while it is being poured. A wet mix needs to remain pliable, in order for it to bond properly and maintain its texture and color.

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