Services Commercial Masonry Contractors Can Provide For Your Property

3 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


There are many needs that you will need to meet for your commercial property. For properties and buildings that utilize brick and mortar, there is a chance that professional masonry contractors will be needed to complete a wide range of different projects.

Retaining Wall Restorations

Retaining walls can be an essential part of your landscaping as they will be able to hold back loose soil that may otherwise be at risk of collapsing. A common example of this could be hillsides or other areas where the loose soil may be prone to shifting positions and collapsing. Over the years, these walls can suffer enough wear and tear to lead to them needing to be restored. This can be an essential process that will involve thoroughly cleaning the brick, replacing mortar, and assessing the retaining wall for structural issues. After this process, the retaining wall will be cosmetically restored, and it will also have its structural integrity restored.

Repairing Damaged Brick Walls

A brick structure will be one of the most durable options that can be chosen for both commercial and residential properties. However, brick walls and other surfaces could suffer damage that will have to be repaired. In particular, it can be common for bricks to start to loosen or to develop cracks. When a brick has become looser than expected, it may be secured by applying a mortar patch around it. However, if a brick has suffered cracks or other structural damages, removing the damaged brick and replacing it with a new one can be the most viable repair solution.

Walking Path Installation

Many businesses will want to install walking paths to help to improve the accessibility of the property. The installation of a brick walking path can meet these needs while offering aesthetic advantages over basic concrete or asphalt. When installing a walking path, a professional masonry service will be able to ensure that the bricks are laid as straight as possible and that mortar will not get on the surface of the bricks.

Brick and mortar can be a durable material choice for a variety of projects for commercial properties. Whenever you need brickwork done to your commercial property, hire a local professional commercial masonry contractor. These services will be able to handle the completion of repairs to brick walls, restoration projects for aging retaining walls, and even the installation of a new brick walkway through the property.