Unique Layouts And Features For Your Outdoor Living Space

17 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you think of outdoor living space, you may picture a patio or deck off the back of your home. Maybe there's a grill up there, and perhaps a hot tub. This is certainly one approach to outdoor living space, and it is a common one, at that. However, there are also other layouts and features to consider. Here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration as you design and plan your own outdoor living space.

A Covered Breezeway

A breezeway is basically a long entryway leading to your front door. It's not enclosed, but it tends to have a cover over it and a walkway on the ground. You can easily make your breezeway a little wider and longer than usual and use it as an outdoor living space. Line either side with plants, and set a few patio chairs and a small table between them. You can hang some outdoor curtains off either side of the breezeway to make it feel a little more enclosed. Hanging baskets mounted to either side will transform the appearance of the space, too.

A Large Front Porch

If you have a nice view from the front of your home, then you might want to build a big front porch. This is a bit of an old-fashioned take, and it can look very timely on a more traditional home. A big front porch has enough space for a grill, a table, and chairs. You could hang curtains that drape from the porch roof down, enclosing the space a little more. Some people like to decorate their front porches with lots of potted plants. If you live in a really social neighborhood and want to get to know your neighbors, then this is the perfect outdoor living space. You can talk to passersby and even invite them up to join you sometimes.

A Pavilion

People often think of pavilions as being only for parks. But if you have a big backyard, putting up your own pavilion can be a good way to add shelter to the space. A pavilion has space for a lot of people, so you can hold your backyard parties under it. It's also very versatile. You can decorate it for the seasons, put garage doors up to enclose it, and so much more.

Outdoor living is about more than just patios and decks. Consider the options above, and start building.