What To Do When Your Building's Automatic Doors Are Out Of Order

5 June 2023
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Does your building have automatic doors that usually glide open when someone gets close to them? If these doors aren't doing what they're supposed to, and you're experiencing trouble getting them to open and close correctly, you likely have an underlying issue that needs repair. These issues can occur sporadically and are often avoidable when hiring door specialists to complete regular maintenance. 

What Would Cause Automatic Doors to Stop Working?

When automatic doors begin malfunctioning or stop working altogether to the point they no longer open or close correctly, the problem could be as simple as a damaged sensor. These doors move because of the sensor, which detects the presence of an individual entering or leaving the building. But if there is damage to the sensor, it wouldn't detect those movements, preventing the doors from opening or closing. If the sensor is the problem, the door repair specialists can test it before they attempt to repair the sensor or remove it and put a new one in its place.

A damaged sensor is one of the reasons automatic doors stop working as they should, but if the sensor isn't the problem, you could have other damaged door parts.

Some of the parts of the automatic doors that typically experience the most wear and tear because of regular use include:

  • The Motor: The motor keeps these doors running smoothly but can become worn down when frequently used and not regularly maintained.
  • The Belt: Most automatic doors will have a belt that enables them to glide back and forth to open or close within seconds. But because the belt experiences frequent use, it can also start wearing down. If that happens, the belt can break, preventing the doors from operating.
  • The Rollers: Rollers attached to the bottom of an automatic door keep it moving steadily. Although small, the rollers play a considerable role in keeping automatic doors functioning. Like the belt and motor, these parts can become damaged and need replacing.

You won't know the exact cause of your automatic door troubles until you've hired an experienced contractor who regularly works with these doors to inspect and identify the issue. If it happens to be a problem with one of these parts, the door specialist you hire can either work on repairing those parts or remove them entirely and install replacements. After completing the repairs needed to get these doors working again, you can discuss any potential preventative maintenance schedule you would like to get on to keep damage from occurring.

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